for your health .wealth 
happyness and success.
For a better life.  
Action Is the key to change now!.

For  a better life. 
For progress in health, success or wealth.
Action Is the key . Take action now!

Emotional Freedom Techniques in Cardiff

I provide confidential, personal mentoring in Cardiff, which includes health mentoring.

Now in my 50’s, my passion for many years has been to help other people find happiness and contentment. My life has had its difficulties and my career has changed from business and accounting to therapy and coaching, so I understand about being at a cross roads and coping with the changes that life brings.

I use Emotional Freedom Techniques and counselling with most of my clients in Cardiff, as this is a fast and effective way to reduce the burden of emotional and physical pain. I work through personal, 1-2-1, telephone and internet sessions.

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