for your health .wealth 
happyness and success.
For a better life.  
Action Is the key to change now!.

For  a better life. 
For progress in health, success or wealth.
Action Is the key . Take action now!

Effective life coaching in Cardiff

"If you want to understand, act. Action is the answer, the learning is in the doing" - Anon

Effective coaching is:

"The art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another"  - Miles Downey

Working with a coach offers people the opportunity to work on themselves. It facilitates ways of thinking, observing and behaving which are geared toward attaining success. It does not teach or offer advice  The process encourages you to raise your own awareness and to generate options  for actions which you can take forward.

Life coaching is all about movement towards an aim or goal in life, about understanding where you are and where you would like to be.

My experienced coaching techniques cover virtually every aspect of personal development, life skills, life balance, personal fulfilment, increased confidence and self-esteem, improved relationships, financial health, career direction and progression.


Life coaching in Cardiff:

* helps you to be really clear about what you want and what action to take
* aims to draw out your potential
* develops rather than imposes
* reflects rather than direct
* enables you, rather than trains you
* is reactive and flexible - it supports personal transformation
* makes no assumptions: it is neither judgemental nor is it prescriptive

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